The LinkedIn Algorithm - The 2022 Heeded Guide

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The LinkedIn Algorithm: How to Increase LinkedIn Impressions and Linkedin Engagements - The 2022 Guide

LinkedIn has been a top professional platform for quite some time. As of the first quarter of 2017, LinkedIn had over 500 million users in more than 200 countries and territories around the globe. In light of this stat, it's important to know as much as possible on what your businesses should be doing to ensure it’s getting its fair share of results from LinkedIn.

Well, there is a technical aspect to it when it comes to content marketing and it's imperative to get along with the almighty LinkedIn algorithm that dictates what will become of your precious piece of quality content you've been working on.

Visibility and conversions, called LinkedIn impressions and LinkedIn engagement within the platform, are most likely part of your marketing strategy. This article will guide you on how to boost them by going through all known LinkedIn algorithm factors to have an impact on LinkedIn LinkedIn impressions and LinkedIn engagement. LinkedIn.

Woman presenting the LinkedIn Algorithm Guide to Increase LinkedIn Impressions and Engagements

1. More Visibility to Content from Users Who Post Regularly

The content that you post on LinkedIn will get a higher ranking in the newsfeed when you are engaging with others who have been posting regularly. If you want to win at LinkedIn, then post consistently and engage with other users. You will see better results in terms of your post’s LinkedIn impressions.

2. LinkedIn Prioritizes Users that Get LinkedIn Engagement

LinkedIn has been prioritizing users that get LinkedIn engagement with their content. No matter how much content you have or what kind of network you build, if you aren’t getting LinkedIn engagement on your posts, LinkedIn will not show them to all of your followers.

3. LinkedIn Prefers Longer Comments Over Several Reactions

LinkedIn is a network based on professional relationships and recommendations. Consequently, its users are highly focused on the substance of what people say, as opposed to the amount of likes a post receives. To that end, LinkedIn favors lengthy comments over a high volume of reactions. To get more traffic from LinkedIn, you should:

- Join groups centered around your niche and actively participate in the discussion by adding valuable insights.

- Engage with influencers in your industry by commenting on their posts and sharing their work elsewhere on the web.

- Join relevant groups to stay visible to your target audience and participate.

4. LinkedIn Does Not Give Priority to Content Posted from Business Pages

Not much more to say about this; no favors to businesses in the LinkedIn algorithm. LinkedIn.

5. LinkedIn Prefers Native Content (content with no outbound links)

LinkedIn stated they prefer native content that is hosted on their website. The idea behind this is to increase user LinkedIn engagement. If they like what they see, they will spend more time on the site, and LinkedIn will get more ad revenue.

On average, LinkedIn posts with no outbound links get 600% more LinkedIn impressions than posts with links. While posts with no links had less social shares on average, they showed almost 4 times more reactions and 18 times more comments.

Native content now has a significantly higher LinkedIn engagement rate than traditional text links that appear in news feeds and suggested posts. This means that if you create quality native content, it will be more likely to get noticed, and you'll get more social media shares.

6. LinkedIn Prioritizes Relevancy

One of the LinkedIn algorithm’s primary goals is to provide content that is relevant to its users. As a result of this, businesses must focus on creating content that will resonate with their target audience. Focusing on the topics your users care about will make your content more interesting and engaging for them.

Since LinkedIn is a business-focused platform, it is important that business owners create content that helps their followers achieve their work-related goals. A good way to do this is to share industry insights and advice for overcoming common challenges.

7. LinkedIn Does Not Prioritize Videos

In the last years, you might have noticed that LinkedIn ’s newsfeed algorithm had changed. It was not prioritizing content from publications and brands that you follow, nor did it seem prioritizing content that receives lots of shares and likes. Videos were everywhere. This is no longer true.

8. Posts with Hashtags Get More Visibility

From 4 to 10 hashtags is your best bet, and make sure to mix high-traffic hashtags and niche hashtags. Any less will basically be lost LinkedIn impressions for your post, and anymore will quickly get you stuck into the spam filter.

If you want to maximize your LinkedIn  impressions and are running out of hashtag ideas, there are several hashtag analytics free tools out there that can get your creativity going. A quick search will do.

9. LinkedIn Polls Are Favored

The LinkedIn algorithm is very fond of polls, so it will promote them a lot. However, if done wrong or overdone, they can also cause negative perception towards your brand or simply be ineffective;

-Make sure you have a purpose for the poll; don’t just ask someone random questions without any context.

-Keep it simple! Don’t lead your LinkedIn Poll with a long sentence. Keep the sentence short and sweet, like a tweet.

-Use the facts or data that you share in your post as the basis of the poll.

10. Text-Only Posts Get High Exposure

LinkedIn is a great channel to share business-related content and build a brand. But an often overlooked feature is its text-only posts. They’re the perfect place to craft an engaging story or provide valuable tips without cluttering your page with graphics.

It just so happens that LinkedIn’s algorithm will give higher exposure to traditional, longer, informational text-only posts.

11. LinkedIn Takes DWELL Time Into Account

LinkedIn evaluates the time users spend on a page or post and favors dwelling time: if people don’t spend a lot of time on your content, you will not get ranked highly in search results. To boost your ranking, you need to create quality content that people want to spend time reading.

12. Videos with Subtitles Are Often the Ones That Make It to the Top

The first reason is that subtitles make the dialogue of a video readable to ‘’the machine’’. Therefore, there is a relevancy gain for the post to be promoted on feeds.

Secondly, 80% of consumers said they are more likely to watch a video to completion if captions were available. Half of users find subtitles important because they often watch videos on mute.

13. LinkedIn Tends to Favor ‘’Virality’’

The quicker the likes and comments, the greater the gain in exposure. Make sure to post at the right time. According to Hootsuite data:

- The best times to post are 7:45., 10:45., 12:45., and 17:45 (EST)

- The best day for B2B profiles to post on is Wednesday (Tuesday in second position).

- The best days for B2C profiles to post are Mondays and Wednesdays.

14. Post Updates Affect Visibility

Avoid updating a post, especially if it gains traction. An update will have the effect of killing its momentum and ‘’restart the posting process’’.

On the other hand, several A/B tests are showing that post updates seem to be less or not affected by the ‘’outbound links penalty’’. If you must provide an outbound link in your post, we recommend doing it by doing an update immediately after publishing the post.

15. LinkedIn’s Algorithm Uses Keywords

Don’t forget that while it’s great to appear on a newsfeed, you need to ensure that you get shown on search results. Choose your keywords wisely and make use of them in your content to clearly establish the focus of your posts. Overusing keywords will not get you ranked higher and potentially degrade the quality of your content with poor syntax. This goes for posts and profile pages as well.

16. Profile Involvement and Activity On LinkedIn Favors Content Visibility

A complete, active and ‘’dedicated’’ profile on LinkedIn will benefit from its efforts. To be seen as such by the LinkedInalgorithm, your to-do list looks like this:

- Fill out your profile page as thoroughly as possible. Make sure that your profile is constantly up to date.

- Follow other people and businesses and attract followers as much as possible.

- Collaborate in LinkedIn Groups, or create your own.

- Double check that your profile is public and that people can find you.

- Promote your LinkedIn page (website, business cards, email signatures, etc.)

- Create a LinkedIn Showcase page if relevant.

- Add connections on a regular basis

- Give and seek recommendations.

- Join conversations and be active in general.

- Encourage employees to show that they work at your company. Their use of your corporate hashtag in posts is a great plus.

Tips for generating LinkedIn engagements

1. Be Relevant in Format

Post Formats are an important aspect to consider when creating your content. What are Post Formats? Post Formats are the different types of posts you can create.

There are several post formats available in LinkedIn: Photo, Link, Poll, Video, Document, etc. Each of these has a specific purpose and serves a different function in content marketing. Make sure you use the best format for your content. If this post was in the almighty video format that seems to be getting everyone to the front page, you would most likely have quit a quarter of the way through saying something in the order of ‘’there’s no way I’m absorbing all of this’’ or ‘’does this guy expect me to rewind and take notes?’’.

2. Stick to your Niche and Resist Going Broad

“We know from our data that members are more interested in going deep on topics they’re interested in. Consistently we see better conversation around niche ideas.”
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Pete Davies
Senior Director of Product Management at LinkedIn

3. Use LinkedIn Analytics

This is worth mentioning just in case you may have not taken the time to discover the tool already. The LinkedIn analytics tool takes away all the hassle of strategizing on how to get users from LinkedIn to your website to get data on your target audience. From views to conversions to demographics to CTR, it’s all right here for you to benefit from. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the tool and put it to good use.

4. Be Human

“Genuine conversation around real experiences spark better and deeper conversation. Better conversation, in turn, leads to stronger community and connection.”
LinkedIn logo for quote on tip to increase LinkedIn engagement
Pete Davies
Senior Director of Product Management at LinkedIn

Conclusion : LinkedIn algorithm factors are numerous and to be checked on periodically for marketers and business owners who rely on LinkedIn for their lead generation and sales efforts. The key takeaway from this list is that it’s going to become more important than ever to be strategic about how you update your content strategy and what kind of benefit you provide your audience.